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Keep Hardwood Floors Looking New with Our Maintenance Tips

After The Floor Sanders, Inc in Boston, MA, finishes installing or refinishing your floors, our team offers tips for maintaining your hardwood floors. Hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance are key to extending the life of your floors.

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Regular Cleaning

Spills and dirt can be cleaned effectively by using a slightly damp mop with a household sponge. Use clean water, and make sure the mop isn't overly wet. Excessive water can damage the floor. It also may be necessary to clean with a mild all-purpose cleaner or dilute a solution of 1/4 cup of ammonia per gallon of water. Clean floors at least once a week to keep your floor in mint condition.

What Not To Use

There are certain products that should never be used on hardwood floors. Avoid using:

• fantastik®
• Formula 409®
• Dishwashing Detergent
• Powdered All-Purpose Cleaners
• Paste Wax
• Endust®
• Murphy® Oil Soap
• Pledge® (Or Other Dusting Products)
• Future®
• Mop & Glo®
• Brite™ Mop & Shine Floor Polish (Or Other Floor Polishes)

Do Not Wax or Spray Buff

Water-based urethane finishes require little maintenance, so it is not necessary to wax or polish your floor. These products actually make the floor harder to clean and cause problems for future recoats.

Periodic Recoating

Following a regular maintenance program will preserve your hardwood floor for years. Eventually, your floor may need to be recoated. A hardwood floor should be recoated when the original finish is showing signs of wear but before it has worn down to the bare wood. Bare wood will be stained by dirt and grime and will require re-sanding.

Protect Your Floor

Place throw rugs in front of sinks, doors leading outside, and other high-traffic areas. Do not do this until at least two weeks after the finish has been applied. Chairs and furniture that are moved frequently should have floor glides attached to the bottom of each leg to prevent scratching and wear.

Daily Dust Mopping or Vacuuming

Regular dust mopping or vacuuming is an essential part of hardwood floor care. To keep your floor looking its best, dust mopping or vacuuming is recommended at least twice a week, or more on floors that get heavy traffic.